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Answers To Your Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The courses range from 30 minutes to 5 hours. However you will not need to sit down for the full 5 hours because we have simplified it for you into video sessions. These sessions take no longer than 1hr 20min each. So you can comfortably watch one session at a time, pause when you need to or watch the next session the next day.

You will see that each course has a summary page that you can print. This summarizes the course into one page and is brilliant for you to refer back to. We suggest that you laminate it and put it in an easy accessible area in your facility.

Our system uses Paypal which is a secure online payment system whereby your information is kept confidential. You will have an eft and card payment option. You will be directed to the payfast page after checkout.

Yes, you can watch the videos, as many times as you like your courses do not expire, and therefore you have access to the videos indefinitely.

Please ensure that you are using a reliable browser e.g. Google chrome or Firefox. The main search engines are all compatible with Vimeo which is where our Videos are hosted.

Once you have finished watching the video, you will scroll to the top of the screen and click ‘next session’.

This may occur due to a high volume of courses being purchased simultaneously. Please be patient. If the video does not arrive into your ‘My Courses’ within 5 hours then please send us an email and we will attend to it immediately. Usually the courses are delivered immediately.

Most courses have a comprehensive manual that you print and keep. You can enjoy viewing the course while following us from your manual. It is yours to keep, so make as many notes as possible in your manual. Then file it and keep it.

You can watch the videos for an unlimited period of time. No expiry! Once you have purchased the course, you can access your course at any time.. You can go back to your ‘My courses’ and do the test whenever you are ready. If you do not want a certificate then you are not obligated to do the test.

Some courses have a pre-study guide. This is a booklet that you can print and keep. You need to be familiar with everything in this manual before you start the course. Once you have gone through this and you feel comfortable with the information, then you will print your manual and start your course.

The Shoulder stability WOW factor is our most recent course and is based on recent research and findings. The shoulder stabilization and precision in rehabilitation focuses on the anatomy of the shoulder with a full shoulder program to get it mobile and stronger. The shoulder home program is a full exercise program that you can do with any client to keep their shoulders healthy and strong. So which course should you do? If you want to assist your clients with their shoulders then we would suggest all 3 of these courses so that you cover all of your bases. Alternatively, the Shoulder stability WOW factor and the Shoulder home program course will give you everything you need based on our latest research.
The functional anatomy and biomechanics course is our latest anatomy course and covers the entire body. The hip, pelvic and spinal anatomy course covers the anatomy of the hip, pelvis and spine only.
Please see the currency converter on each course page. You can use this to convert the amount to your currency.
This is dependant on what you want to learn. We always suggest that you start with the functional anatomy and biomechanics course if you feel that your anatomy needs some fine tuning.